Was My Church a Cult? with Aldo B. Martin

Episode 23 April 05, 2022 00:44:34
Was My Church a Cult? with Aldo B. Martin
The Incarcerated Christian
Was My Church a Cult? with Aldo B. Martin

Apr 05 2022 | 00:44:34


Show Notes

How and why does someone get into a cult when they’re not raised in one? What makes them join and what makes them stay? In this episode, Aldo B. Martin, the host of The Reclamation Podcast, tells his story about growing up with no religious upbringing but becoming a member of a religious cult in young adulthood. He discusses how his depression affected his experience and status within the cult, what it was like to recruit others into the organization, what happened when he left it, and the importance of the word “reclamation” in his story. 

Topics Discussed in This Episode:

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