The Liberation of the NakedPastor with David Hayward

Episode 5 June 01, 2021 00:51:11
The Liberation of the NakedPastor with David Hayward
The Incarcerated Christian
The Liberation of the NakedPastor with David Hayward

Jun 01 2021 | 00:51:11


Show Notes

David Hayward is known online as the NakedPastor. He has a master’s degree in Theological Studies, as well as diplomas in Religious Studies and Ministry, and University Teaching. But after 30 years in the church, he left the ministry. He decided to pursue his passion for art. He’s a cartoonist, painter, and author who uses words and images to deconstruct dogma, challenge the current status, and offer hope for those who struggle and suffer spiritually.

Hear what David has to say about where the NakedPastor name came from, how he began cartooning, and his own deconstruction journey.

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