Joyful Humanism with Bart Campolo

Episode 29 November 15, 2022 00:54:48
Joyful Humanism with Bart Campolo
The Incarcerated Christian
Joyful Humanism with Bart Campolo

Nov 15 2022 | 00:54:48


Show Notes

How did a popular evangelical pastor become a humanist speaker and writer? How do students react to a humanist chaplain on campus? Today’s podcast episode with Bart Campolo addresses those questions.  

Bart Campolo is a humanist speaker and writer who was an evangelical pastor before transitioning from Christianity to secular humanism. He was the first humanist chaplain at the University of Southern California. Campolo currently serves as a leader and therapist of a humanist fellowship called Caravan in Cincinnati, Ohio, and hosts a podcast called Humanize Me. He has written several books, including Kingdom Works: True Stories of God and His People in Inner City America and Things We Wish We Had Said and Why I Left, Why I Stayed, which he co-wrote with his father, Tony Campolo, a sociologist, pastor and proponent of progressive thought and reform within the evangelical community.  

Listen to the episode to hear how Campolo’s spiritual journey brought him to secular humanism, how he was received as a humanist chaplain and what it was like to dramatically alter his belief system with a prominent pastor for a father.  

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