Overcoming Religious Trauma with Quincee Gideon

Episode 28 November 01, 2022 00:55:57
Overcoming Religious Trauma with Quincee Gideon
The Incarcerated Christian
Overcoming Religious Trauma with Quincee Gideon

Nov 01 2022 | 00:55:57


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To overcome trauma, you first need to know that you have trauma and that there are things you can do to overcome it. But how do you get that information? How do you determine what exactly is a trauma response when you have one? 

Today’s guest, licensed clinical psychologist Quincee Gideon, has more than 12 years of experience treating trauma, including religious trauma, and trauma-related disorders. Listen as Dr. Gideon discusses trauma, how trauma lives in the body, and successful treatment methods. Then check out her Woven Together Trauma Therapy website, which includes a religious trauma quiz.

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