Out as a Woman, Out as a Deacon with Paula Sophia Schonauer

Episode 18 January 18, 2022 01:03:38
Out as a Woman, Out as a Deacon with Paula Sophia Schonauer
The Incarcerated Christian
Out as a Woman, Out as a Deacon with Paula Sophia Schonauer

Jan 18 2022 | 01:03:38


Show Notes

Paula Sophia Schonauer is a social worker, teacher, writer, and transgender activist. She retired after 22 years with the Oklahoma City Police Department, where she was the first openly transgender officer. When Paula came out as transgender, she also was a deacon in the Episcopal Church. 

In today’s episode, Paula shares her story – her background and childhood, how she struggled with gender identity, how she came out, and how that experience affected her faith. Listen as she describes how learning about gender roles in the Bible impacted her, why she joined the Episcopal Church, and how her transition while she was a deacon led to a crisis of faith.

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Paula Sophia Schonauer

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